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Fist Full Of Comics #6 available now!

The sixth and final issue of Fist Full Of Comics (volume two) is now available!. Fist Full Of Comics volume two is a six-issue bi-monthly comics anthology zine that I edited this year, which focused primarily (but not exclusively) on South Australian creators. Here's the cover:

Fist Full Of Comics #6 cover

Cover art by Jake One and Jake "Two" Bresanello
Fist Full Of Comics logo designed by Clare Oakes

This issue is 36 pages and features comics by:

  • Nick Skeer
    Nick Skeer issue 6 sample

  • Dave Hodson
    Dave Hodson issue 6 sample

  • Jake "Two" Bresanello
    Jake Two issue 6 sample

  • Sione Bouts
    Sione Bouts issue 6 sample

  • Erin McGregor
    Erin McGregor issue 6 sample

  • K
    K issue 6 sample

  • Catherine Brittle (writer) and Loren Morris (artist)
    Loren Morris issue 6 sample

  • Robin Tatlow-Lord
    Robin Tatlow-Lord issue 6 sample

  • Ian C Thomas
    Ian Thomas issue 6 sample

  • Maree Mogg
    Maree Mogg issue 6 sample

  • Simon Gray (writer) and Owen Heitmann (artist)
    Owen Heitmann issue 6 sample
  • Darren Koziol
    Darren Koziol issue 6 sample

  • Jake One
    Jake One issue 6 sample

  • Greg Holfeld
    Greg Holfeld issue 6 sample

  • EvilDan
    EvilDan issue 6 sample

with a back cover by Sarah Milne.

It's currently available in Adelaide from Pulp Fiction Comics (34A King William St) or by mail order for $4 plus $1.50 postage from <fistfullofcomics(at)gmail(dot)com>. It will be available in other Adelaide outlets and select interstate stores shortly. Previous issues are available in Melbourne in Minotaur and Sticky Institute, in Canberra in Impact Comics, and in Queensland in Ace Comics & Games.

More details can be found at http://www.myspace.com/fistfullofcomics.
Tags: 2009, colour, cover, fist full of comics, news
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